Hi, I'm Anna,

your coach on your journey to becoming a

digital nomad!


Do you see more and more friends around you quitting their jobs while you're still on your cubicle dreaming about a location - independent lifestyle?

Do you have multiple ideas on how to escape your current situation but you don't know how to actually make them happen?

Maybe a project you've been putting aside for a long time?

My speciality is helping you realize you can do it - and not just by giving you a few positive affirmation to repeat daily, but by actually helping you taste and experience your dream for yourself once and for all!

Become a Digital Nomad



With privete online coching sessions over a period of 3 months you will:

Aling yourself with your values and what deeply resonates with you

Find what you really want to do

Uncover and get rid of any limiting beliefs holding you back

Make a concrete plan of implement your dream to live location indipendent



Come to Bali and try the digital nomad lifestyle for 10 days

Work from co-working space on your project for your new life

Get support from inspiring entrepreneurs through masterminds and mentorship

Connect with digital nomads

Find out more about yourself through personal development workshop as well as yoga sessions


Kind Words

"Anna was the perfect coach and mentor for me - with her support I changed my life! She helped me to believe in myself, to dream big, to set my personal goals and visions and to make real plans. Anytime when I freaked out and had feelings of self doubt or fear, she encouraged me to continue working on my dreams and to see myself as the strong woman I am. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with Anna and that I am the person I am today. Every session with her was a blessing for me!"


"I love working with Anna - she listens, challenges you and makes you accountable for your goals. At the end of each session, I end the video chat feeling inspired and aware of the inner growth that took place in that space. I went from not knowing what I wanted to do to having a well defined social project with clear cut goals."


“Anna is a wonderful life coach who is helping me to understand my website’s identity and everything I need to know in order to let my project take off. Our Skype sessions are always extremely friendly, inspirational and never boring. A fabulous mentor I was lucky enough to dig up and there’s no way I am going to change her!”



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